Jadakiss Was Given The MVP Award By Hip Hop Fans Who Watched The Legendary “Verzuz” Go Down

New York is known for being the epicenter of Hip Hop as that is where the genre was birthed, so when it was announced that The LOX and Dipset were going toe-to-toe on Verzuz, the culture was ready for an epic showdown.

Both collectives delivered memorable performances and fans stormed social media by the thousands to share their takes on the match-up, including Tyler, The Creator who made his presence felt in the comments.

While all members of Dipset and The LOX had their moments in the spotlight, it was indisputable that Jadakiss was the rapper who stood out during the Verzuz. It was obvious that he came prepared for battle and from the opening until close, Hip Hop fans continued to praise him on social media.

Tyler, The Creator did a bit of praising of his own, and it seems that he was taken with Jadakiss’s dynamics onstage. “Pause i think i gotta crush on jadakiss,” Tyler commented. “That n*gga confidence and voice control is crazy and he aged so well.” Later he added, “JADAKISS SKIN IS SO NICE.”

Screenshots were inevitably taken and shared, and soon, Tyler found himself trending online. Not everyone was amused by his remarks and questioned what would happen if Jadakiss responded.

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