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IXPN Activates Point of Presence at Lagos Open Access Data Centres

Ayotunde Coker Open Access Data Centres

By Aduragbemi Omiyale

The Point of Presence (PoP) at the Open Access Data Centres of the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) has been activated.

With the activation at the OADC facility, IXPN is now available at seven data centres, making it the only IXP accessible from all the major data centres operating in Lagos.

Also, this development now makes the services of IXPN available and accessible to all network providers, providing them with affordable services and the opportunity to connect at multiple points.

The company explained that the idea behind the activation of its PoP at OADC is to allow IXPN’s members to be in all the data centres in Lagos.

This makes it easier for service providers operating within the Lekki site to interconnect, while new and existing customers will have additional options for connecting to IXPN.

“We are happy to announce that our Point of Presence (PoP) is now live at OADC Lagos,” the chief executive of IXPN, Mr Rudman Muhammed, said.

“We want to be available and accessible to all service providers, and that’s why we’re expanding our tentacles to every major data centre in Lagos and as well as in other states,” he added.

The chief executive of OADC, Mr Ayotunde Coker, noted that the activation would aid OADC’s pursuit to offer its customers secured connectivity and cutting-edge services.

OADC is rapidly creating a leading, vibrant interconnect and peering ecosystem to leverage its proximity and interconnection with all cable landing stations and major data centres in the region.

“In an environment where businesses are switching to cloud-based and internet-centric technology, we believe that the activation of IXPN’s PoP at OADC Lagos will provide cloud, content providers and enterprises with increased availability of their data and expanded connectivity, which will ultimately open up new possibilities for creativity,” he assured.

Domestic data centres give service providers access to the local ecosystem, which delivers exceptional domestic and global connectivity whilst eliminating the need for data to cross borders.

They additionally serve as infrastructure that puts content closer to the end-user, resulting in significant cost savings and increased business efficiency.

IXPN has aspirations to expand its reach and connect all service providers by establishing points of presence in various states across Nigeria.

These plans, when completely executed, would serve to transform Nigeria’s digital connection environment and, ultimately, fulfil the growing demand for seamless and high-performance internet connectivity for all citizens.