I’ve turned many into bloggers, they are cashing out – Yul Edochie boasts

Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie, a controversial actor, has made a bold claim on his social media page. Yul claimed in a Facebook post that he is the most talked about man in Nigeria.

He claims to have turned many people into bloggers and is responsible for traffic to their websites.

The father of five also stated that he has made many people wealthy by capitalising on news about him.

Yul Edochie, who claimed it was by God’s grace, expressed gratitude to his Lord. He penned;

I have turned so many people to bloggers on Facebook & youtube & they’re all cashing out.
Every family is discussing Yul Edochie, everywhere you go, everybody is discussing me.
Some people on social media, when they talk about themselves they get 10 comments, when they talk about Yul Edochie they get thousands of comments.
They come up with all sorts of stories about me cos I bring traffic to their pages.
They just can’t stop talking about me.
Say hello to the King,
Isi Mmili Ji Ofor.
It’s called GRACE.
Thank you Lord.
Thank you to my fans.
Na we dey here.”

Some days ago, Yul Edochie chastised Nigerians over the way they tend to celebrate the dead over the living.


Yul Edochie Denies Ever Being Married to Judy Austin During Divorce Hearing With May Edochie

According to reports circulating online, troubled Nollywood star Yul Edochie denied ever being married to his lover, Judy Austin, at his divorce court hearing with estranged wife, May Edochie.

Yul and May’s divorce is no longer breaking news, following his marriage to his colleague, Judy Austin.

May had filed for divorce and was suing Judy Austin for N100 million for infidelity.

May had also obtained full custody of the children and filed for a restraining order preventing him access to their old marital residence, claiming safety concerns among other things.

During the court hearing, Yul Edochie had allegedly denied ever being married to Judy Austin, stating that May is his only wife. Blogger, Cutie Juls alleged that Judy Austin had also concurred that she and Yul are not married.

The couple even claimed that they were shocked to find out on blogs that they were married because the reports were false.

Reacting to it, netizens tagged the couple ‘clowns’ as they noted how they are afraid of paying N100m.

yul 1

One Bet Zoom wrote, “In ... introducing her and his son, he referred to Judy as his second wife. He also made a post calling himself a proud polygamist, so how come he has amnesia and blaming the blogs?

One Life Of Homa wrote, “They are both clowns and should be in a circus performing

One Da Mola wrote, “So why did she now put Yul Edochie as surname

One Naija Beauty Hub wrote, “I’m just happy May is doing well. For herself and her children

One Obos Promise wrote, “Werey dey fear court case. No matter how you run, hand go still meet you

One Tosmal wrote, “This guy is a clown. Grade 1 smh

One Kennedy wrote, “They must pay that hundred naira. Omo that’s why Yul deleted ... that he posted saying he married Judy as second wife. But evidence dey we have all the screenshot

One Lynnda Sky wrote, “They’re flocking together birds of the same feather. Thank God for May’s God-given wisdom