Italy: On anniversary of 9/11, Muslim migrant stabs five people, including 6-year-old child

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“Rimini, a Somali immigrant stabbed 5 people, including a child: he was dying,” translated from “Rimini, immigrato somalo accoltella 5 persone, tra cui un bambino: è in fin di vita,” by Vittoria Fiore, Il Primato Nazionale, September 12, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

Rimini, 12 Sep – Fear and madness in Rimini, where a Somali immigrant stabbed five people, including a 6-year-old child who now, hospitalized in an emergency, is on the verge of death. The crime took place last night on the bus line 11 of the city of Romagna, and more precisely in the Miramare district. Two controllers (two women) approached the Somali citizen to ask him to buy a ticket. In response, the immigrant pulled out a knife: he wounded both women in the middle of the bus, with terrified passengers sounding the alarm. The man runs away and, on the street, began to slash anyone who comes within range. Among these is, in fact, a 6-year-old child, whose jugular was severed by the immigrant.

Murderous rampage
Ambulances arrived at the scene of the crime: the two controllers, as reported by Resto del Carlino, were immediately taken to the hospital in Cesena. One of the two women, wounded in the neck, is in bad shape. Meanwhile, the Somali criminal, fleeing through the streets of Rimini, tried to steal a car from two motorists. But the various attempts failed. The police, meanwhile, chased the man. Thanks to the indications of the witnesses, the agents stopped the Metromare, and it was precisely there that the immigrant was found, who was promptly immobilized and arrested.

Who is the Somali who terrorized Rimini
Not much is known about the Somali who brought madness and terror to Rimini. He is 26 years old, and his residence was a Red Cross facility. A few months ago, he applied for refugee status. In the past, he had already manifested an aggressive and violent character. At the time of his arrest, he did not seem to have been under the influence of alcohol or substances, but for this, confirmation of the analyzes will be needed. For now, therefore, the investigators are not ruling out any leads, not even that of terrorism, since yesterday was a symbolic date: the twentieth anniversary of September 11th.

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