“It was tough, I cried a lot” – Nanny Rosie opens up on life working in Lebanon

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The viral Nanny Rosie discusses her experience working in Lebanon and the difficulties she faced in staying focused while missing her family who were thousands of miles away.

Rosie has been a hot topic on social media for the past two weeks following her emotional viral moment while leaving her boss.

Her service to her Lebanese boss, her dark moments, a vacation she enjoyed, and the prospect of a new job were all discussed.

The majority of those who watched videos of her interactions with her bosses and their children concluded that she was a happy and content employee.

This impression was reinforced by Nanny Rosie’s recent employer’s request that she return to Lebanon with her children.

However, based on Rosie’s most recent revelation, it appears that her time in the Gulf was not as happy as she claimed.

In a video, she stated that it took her some time to adjust to her new work environment, which was thousands of miles away from her home.

In her words;

“Staying there for two years was not easy. First month, It gets very lonely, you’ll miss your family. I would sit with my employer’s baby, remember my own in Kenya, and just break into tears. It was so horrible for me, I suffered; not because I didn’t have everything I wanted; my madam was giving me everything but I missed home.”

Watch the video below …