Israel DMW Marriage On the Verge of collapsing as Leaked Chat from Insider Surfaced, Reveals What Really Happened

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Amidst the speculation of a broken marriage between Isreal DMW and his wife, Sheila Courage, a leaked chat has alleges the reason for the on going troubles in the union.

This comes only hours after Isreal DMW’s wife slammed her husband’s one-year anniversary post on Instagram.

Sheila reportedly had another romantic interest before her father introduced her to Isreal DMW and forced her to marry him because of his wealth and connections with Davido.

A leaked conversation from an insider has now revealed the supposed grounds for their marriage’s dissolution.

According to the chat, Isreal DMW was a stingy husband who refused to share any of the money they earned from their wedding or showering her with gifts. What’s more, he alleged exhibited a lack of trust by frequently monitoring her during her hosting engagements.

The chat also disputes Isreal’s claim that Sheila was a virgin before their marriage.

See the leaked chats below;