Israel data shows third Covid shot restores protection from infection to 95% – Pfizer

According to data submitted by drugmaker, Pfizer Inc. to the Food and Drug Administration, a third dose of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine six months after a second shot restores protection from infection to 95% in Israel, CNBC reports.

According to data submitted by the company to the FDA, it was revealed that the booster shot has proven to prompt an immune response similar to the protection gotten after a second dose, Pfizer said in a 52-page presentation released by the agency Wednesday.

The drugmaker said the 52-page presentation from Israel’s Covid vaccination program administering boosters to the entire population reveals that a third shot “has a reactogenicity profile similar to that seen after receipt of the second primary series dose and restores high levels of protection against Covid-19 outcomes (back to approximately 95% protection).”

The data collected covered from when the covid delta variant began to spread through the country. The data was from July 1st through August 30th.

This comes after the Biden administration pressured the agency to authorize booster shots for the general population as early as next week.

Pfizer has stated that based on the data, it “is requesting licensure of a booster dose of [the Pfizer vaccine] administered intramuscularly approximately 6 months after dose 2 in individuals greater than 16 years of age.”

From a Phase 3 trial of 300 people aged 19 to 55, in which One-third of participants were overweight and one-third were obese, according to the documents, was also included by the company.

The report is meant to brief the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, which meets Friday to review the request by Pfizer and its coronavirus vaccine partner, BioNTech, to approve Covid booster doses for the general public. The documents published offer a glimpse of the FDA’s view on third shots.

Source: NairaMetrics

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