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Iraqi official: ‘Trumpist’ sleeper cells behind rocket attack on Erbil airport, to drive wedge between US and Iran

Trumpist sleeper cells! You can just see them out there with their red MIGA hats, chanting “The election was stolen!” as they set off these rockets.

This represents the first attempt to portray the supposed “right-wing terrorists” who support Trump as an international organization. It will almost certainly not be the last.

PMU is Popular Mobilization Forces, which are primarily Shi’a groups that fought against the Islamic State.

“PMU Official Mohammad Al-Basry: Trumpist Sleeper Cells in Iraq behind Erbil Rocket Attack in an Attempt to Thwart Biden’s Return to the JCPOA,” MEMRI, February 16, 2021:

Former PMU official Sheikh Mohammad Al-Basry suggested that the rocket attack on Erbil international airport that killed an American contractor was carried out by “Trumpist” sleeper cells in order to place a wedge between Washington and Tehran and to block a return to the JCPOA. Al-Basry made his remarks in a show on Al-Iraqiya TV (Iraq) that aired on February 16, 2021. He said that before former U.S. President Donald Trump left office, he established “Trumpist” sleeper cells in Iraq and they are behind the rocket attack on Erbil and ISIS suicide bombings that took place immediately after President Biden took office.

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