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iOS 17.2 to bring Qi2 wireless charging support for iPhone 13 and later

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A few days ago, Apple released the release candidate version of iOS 17.2, revealing support for the next-generation Qi2 wireless charging standard. Consequently, after the iPhone 15 series, iPhone 14, and 13 models will receive a software update enabling them to support the new wireless charging standard.

Qi2, introduced last month, comes with two profiles catering to different needs: the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), which incorporates MagSafe technology from Apple, and the Extended Power Profile (EPP), adhering to the Qi v2.0 standard without magnets.

Given Apple’s close collaboration on the standard, the addition of the Magnetic Power Profile promises improvements in magnetic attachment, faster charging, higher efficiency, and enhanced convenience.

In response to this development, Anker has confirmed to The Verge that its upcoming Qi2-compatible wireless chargers will provide faster 15W charging for iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 devices. Moreover, Paul Golden from the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) confirmed that six brands, including Anker, have already obtained certification for the latest charging standard.

Unlike older Qi products limited to half-speed 7.5W charging with iPhones, the new upcoming Anker MagGo products can support 15W charging, which is on par with the official Apple’s MagSafe-branded accessories.

With a few companies’ products already receiving certifications from the WPC, we can expect third-party charging accessories to hit the market soon, with full potential for charging the latest iPhones at maximum speed. We should get more details once the stable software is rolled out.

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