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Insurgency: Terror balancing from ESN will fizzle out Boko Haram – Investigation

The terror balancing effect of Eastern Security Network (ESN), emanating from the South Eastern part of Nigeria will soon gradually fizzle out Boko Haram.

An investigation conducted by (TNG) revealed that the terror balancing carried out by the ESN will soon checkmate Boko Haram which derives its funding from banditry and other sources.

In this survey carried out by TNG which cuts across all strata clearly points to the fact that the terror balancing from South East came as a surprise to Boko Haram.

A top ranking Lawmaker, told TNG: “look without firing a gunshot this Boko Haram thing , banditry and kidnapping will soon die.

“They never for once believe that there will be a terror balance from the South East which they indirectly encouraged”.

Another Lawmaker from the North Central geo-political zone said: “they have a father in the presidency that protects them because when they own up nothing  is done rather presidency pat them on the back.

“I don’t understand how Miyetti Allah will accept it perfected an act while IPOB denies and you arrest members of IPOB and even kill their commander while Boko Haram commander moves freely.

“All these led to terror balancing which as time goes on will help kill Boko Haram in no time.

“No place is safe in the entire country, farmers no longer farm for fear of being killed so a terror balance must come to fore to checkmate Boko Haram.

“They (Boko Haram) have the belief that they are not alone so they can maim, kill anybody and go free.

“Just watch on its own Boko Haram will go because the military is not really doing anything because there’s a conspiracy theory.

“Security experts no longer give advice as they are swept under the carpet and nothing is done so just watch, it will end the way it started”.

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