Instagram's Creator program just reached 1 million subscriptions

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There are plenty of ways for people to make money on the internet, and Instagram is one of them. The company has its Creator program that offers a way for Instagram users to monetize their content. According to a new report, the Instagram Creator program just reached 1 million paid subscriptions.

This program is now about a year old, it’s helped IG creators earn a living on the app. Instagram creators have historically earned money by promoting products via sponsored posts. However, the Creator program allows the followers to directly contribute to the creator.

The Instagram Creator program just reached 1 million paid subscriptions

Instagram is home to a myriad of different celebrities, creators, and influencers. These people have millions and tens of millions of followers, many of whom would gladly pay money to see exclusive content.

Well, after nearly a year of being on the market, the Instagram Creator program now boasts 1 million paid subscriptions. It’s a small number compared to the total monthly users, but we’re talking about spending money every month to view Instagram posts. With the way that prices are, nowadays, it’s hard getting people to part with money for anything other than the absolute essentials.

When you’re a part of the program, you can charge your users a set amount of money every month to view exclusive content. There are several creator tools that you can use to help you create content to keep your audience engaged (and spending money). If you want to know more about this program, you can view the Instagram Creator Page.

In other Instagram news

If you don’t like viewing ads on Instagram, then Meta has something for you. Well, it does if you live in Europe. The EU passed regulations banning personalized ads on social media platforms.

Because of this, Meta can’t serve algorithmically curated ads on Facebook or Instagram. Thus, Meta will deliver a subscription service that will get rid of ads across Facebook and Instagram. The service will cost €9.99/month, and it will roll out this month.