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Insecurity: Reps make grand move to move power, security to Concurrent List

Apparently disturbed by incessant killing of Nigerians across the country, some members of the House of Representatives are in a move to make sure power and security are moved into the Concurrent List. (TNG) gathered that the move is to ensure that the heavy burden of securing and providing electricity by the centre  is shifted to the states.

One of such lawmakers from the South West geopolitical zone told TNG: “if  we succeed in doing this, states will now have the power to provide electricity and police for their citizens.

“We’ll ensure it’s included among laws to be amended by the Constitution Review Committee in this ninth Assembly”.

Asked if the North that has the number to knock it off moves against it what will happen, the Lawmaker said: “the situation in our country affects everybody, it’s not about the north or the south again.

“We are all living in perpetual fear because insecurity has no colour, religion or state, it’s biting us all so we must all work towards moving it from the Exclusive List.

“In the US we have the FBI that oversees Federal matters while the state also have their own jurisdiction, we can’t continue like this.

“Let each state police their territories according to their abilities and we know if nothing is not urgently done now we are heading to a terrible end”.

Another Lawmaker who spoke in a similar vein said: “yes but my fear still hovers over the fact that the majority of our colleagues from the north may move against this move and ‘kill’ it, this is not the first time they have done it.

“In the last Assembly we all saw how they ‘killed’ the move to make spouses of different states to have electoral power to vote and contest  it was killed.

“Even when the move will benefit all, the north in most cases speak in one voice which is not really good for growth”.

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