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Ini Edo Bad-Mouthed Halima Abubakar To Rich Hause Man She Liked Her To – Blogger Drops Gist

Blogger cutie Juls has dropped fresh and juicy gist concerning the reason why Nollywood actresses Halima Abubakar and her former friend Ini Edo fell out of their friendship.

According to the blogger, the two have been forming fake friendship on social media and also showing fake love under the comment section of each other in order not to get people suspecting.

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Sharing the gist, cutie Juls disclosed that Halima Abubakar linked Nollywood actress Ini Edo to one of the rich Hausa big men in Nigeria. According to her, Halima is one of the few people who known big men and have direct access to them. During the Covid pandemic, most people especially celebrities were affected financially but because they needed to maintain their standards and extravagant lifestyles.

Ini Edo bad-mouthed her friend to the Hausa man Halima linked her to after the man paid her a sum of $10,000 for spending one night with her. However, the Alhaji dumped her along the way. Ini thinking that Halima was behind her being dumped by the Alhaji, has been showing her fake love and hating behind cameras, Cutie alleges.

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“So late last around November/December.. things got a little hard for Ini. You know with covid etc most celebs weren’t making enough money and the lifestyle too needed to be maintained.”

“One thing for sure that mama is confirming to you is that you see Halimar? She is very well connected to all these top Northern politicians but as she kinda only has this daddy and daughter thing with them and mummy and daughter thing with their wives, they can’t do the knacking ish with her na. She just doesn’t make money from these connections cuz typical Naija politicians don’t give money except they are gbenzing😫 So in the worse cases, she helps her female colleagues out. Notice how they are all always on Halimar’s page flaunting fake love but will still go behind her and gossip abt her. They don’t even invite her to their gatherings cuz they say “she’s not my class”. Almost all of them trust me. But she is the same person who bails them out with her connections mostly.”

So fast forward, Halima hooked Ini with one very rich Hausa politician around November. Just the fight gbenzing, Sister Ini was given $10k. So as our sister saw that the gbola was lucrative but there were high chances of Halimar linking some other girl in the future, Ini started bad-mouthing Halimar to the man but will still be forming “sister sister” to Halimar.

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As Hausa man knows his Hausa sister/daughter.. The man dumped Ini like trash. Ini was hurt cuz the man pays wella.

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