“I’m madly in love with you” – Lady begging Israel DMW to marry her breaks down in tears

israel lady marriage

Despite being rejected in her first attempt, Ella Ada, who has been professing her love for Isreal DMW and pleading with him to marry her, has stepped up her efforts in a new video.

Ella emotional expressed her reasons for wanting to be Israel’s wife in a tearful clip, emphasising her desire to protect him from further heartbreak following his marriage crash.

Ella expressed her deep love for Isreal DMW and fervently prayed for their union.

Surprisingly, she stated that Israel need not worry about paying her bride price, claiming her disinterest in his money because she knows he spent a lot of money on his failed marriage.

Captioning the video, she wrote:

“When I look deep into your eyes,I can see our future dreams are to be and grow as one, when I see you,my heart beats very fast, not coz of fear but for the love I have for you ISRAEL. Save me from drowning,I am falling deep into an ocean of love ; am madly in love with you ISRAEL DMW.They say love is blind,you have already blind!ed me.i will continue to love you my forever”

See ... below:

In reaction to the video, a lot of netizens took to the comment section to accuse the lady of chasing clout.

One @julic_harity wrote: “Go and rest this is chasing cloud dear.”

chiomacontagious wrote: “Hian😂😂😂 God abeg ..wether as a content or you are serious please stop already.”

2wizzyofficial wrote: “Go Ella go elaa go baby 🙌🔥”

bradleyorlando85 wrote: “This one jus de mumu for clout.”