“If na your papa dem mold like dis, you go like am?” – Uproar as lady makes a sculpture of iconic actor, Pete Edochie

pete sculpture

A female sculptor’s attempt to create a sculpture of renowned Nollywood actor Pete Edochie sparks a flood of responses on social media.

Without a doubt, the veteran actor is greatly admired and has inspired others to create works in his honour, such as a life-sized sculpture of Pete Edochie recently created by an artist in Enugu.

In a Facebook post, a young man named Henry Nonso published an image of the Enugu lady’s human-sized sculpture, urging people to judge her work.

He also supplied a photograph of the 76-year-old actor to help evaluate the sculptor’s work.

“Female sculptor in Enugu molded legendary Nollywood actor Pete Edochie. “Rate her art on a scale of / 10,” he wrote.

How netizens reacted to the sculpture of Pete Edochie
Prince P Man said: “Why she come draw the old man ears like that… “She don spoil everything self.”

Becky Thecla said: “She tried. But there is a mistake in he’s nose and the four head. That y the thing no come too resemble the man. “Anyways you did a great job is not actually an easy one.”

Amarachi Lawrencia said: “She tried 7/10.”

Agbo Chiamaka Faith said: “Dem no resemble ahbi na my eye.”

Elijah Moses said: “Artist really need to understand the rules that guides the work, I am an artist and sculptor. it’s wrong to mode a person who is still Alive; instead draw the person…”

Michael C Samuel said: “3½/10 you have to come and take your report card in prison yard urgently.”

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