“If Na Mercy Kenneth She Go Kneel Down?” –Reaction As Upcoming Actress Ada kirikiri, Kneels Before Aki for Blessing

Aki adakirikiri

A video of actor Chinedu Ikedieze’s response when an upcoming actress knelt before him has gone viral on the internet.

In a touching TikTok video, the actor better known as Aki was seen praying and blessings child actress Adakirikiri.

Aki wished her well, adding, “God will bless you, and you will be a blessing to your family.” You would be a blessing to the generation as well.”

Adakirikiri’s humility throughout the prayer session drew the attention and admiration of netizens.

In the video, she knelt before Aki, who immediately responded by blessing her.

See the video below:

This act of reverence and respect for the veteran actor was well received by fans, who applauded Adakirikiri for her humility and expression of thanks to Aki.

@Sam terry said: “Make I no lie o this girl dey over do for my eye which one be this one.”

@GLORY-MORINE reacted: “Humility wan finish dis girl.”

@Elanteliz said: “Is thi Aki or am dreaming.”

@joanahgospel reacted: “But the t-shirt is scary.”

@Ifunayaifediora said: “If na mercy Kenneth she go kneel down…?”

@Lydia bonin Akiki said: “In Uganda we know aki died still alive.”

@Addo Felicia said: “My dear please you are roaming too much.”

@official nach reacted: “Please are you the daughter of Jackie Appiah.”