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I do not know how I can explain this, but I find it hard to tell, as I was growing up, I expected to get a good man via a good wedding ceremony and later into marriage that I would enjoy, only to find out that were only expectations that have never come to pass, at the age of 20 years with no
man having an interest in marrying me it is something traumatizing.

When I was at collage at the age of 18 years I got a boyfriend whom we became so close and opened up to each other hoping that he would marry me in the future, I went further and introduced him to my parents, he also did introduced me to his parents something I was really happy about because I knew I had got a honest man whom we would be husband and wife in the near future, I offered him everything he wished d from me including pulling down my panties and accepting to have sex with him even though we had not married, a few months later my boyfriend turned to being a monster and started to insult me, to add pain to injury he told me that I was fat as a pig and that he was not going to be with me again and that he had got his suit somewhere else, at first I took it as a joke and thought he was only joking, days ran into months and he stopped giving me the attention he was giving me before, he stopped offering me frequent calls he always gave me, I really wondered what was up with him, I tried reaching to him and also to his parents but he never accepted me back.

I lived single for a period of two months, thereafter I got another boyfriend from the church, I met John at a crusade and other services of the church we did together, we became friends and overtime we started to go for outings together, after a short period of time we went further and started having an extramarital affair despite the fact that we were not married at the time, I decided to take two months into the relationship with him, one day I got courage and decided to ask him for a hand in marriage, he turned me off, saying he wanted to be clean and that I had satanic forces surrounding me, he said he was not going to marry me nor marry anyone else, I was left in shock wondering what had befallen men of my century, despite me having a good shape, beautiful and a nice face no man wished to marry me. I too gave up and decided to go back home and stay with my parents. Ladies of my age had moved from their homes and got married, I was the only one left, I really felt shameful and even afraid of walking around the neighborhood was just like a mess because, aged women always whispered whenever I passed, I guess they were asking why I was not getting married, pressure started building at home because my parents were always at loggerheads with me over the issue of me getting married, I really felt it, it was a painful experience, indeed. One day as I was surfing on the internet I came across a website upon a thorough peruse I learned that it belonged to herbal doctors by the name kiwanga, I got a few testimonies of ladies who had been helped to get
married, with no delay I booked an appointment and met doctor kiwanga, the very day, I informed him everything I had gone through and that I wanted a man, he did cast a marriage spell on me, a few days later I got a man whom I weeded, we are husband and wife at the moment, thanks to kiwanga doctors, I’m in a marriage, they also deal in healing of various diseases like Tuberculosis, Meningitis and many others, they also deal in casting of various spells like Black magic spell, White magic spell and many others.

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