“I was busy chesting her bullets when she was doing me wickedness- Sarah Martins resumes dragging ex-bestie, Judy Austin

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Sarah Martins, a Nollywood actress, has revealed why she continues to drag her former best friend, Judy Austin.

The actress detailed on her Instagram page how her self-proclaimed best friend refused to disclose her phone information to someone who wanted to do business with her worth N1.5 million.

She observed how she was continuously taking bullets for Judy while committing evil behind her back. As a result, she has chosen to drag her friend till her heart heals after she has done so much evil to her.

“Ex-bestie that refused to give someone my business number for a business transaction worth N1.5 million, even while we were friends as far back as June.

The woman had to tell me how she’s been begging Judy for my number but she kept posting her until recently when my page popped up on Explore.

I have decided to be dragging Judy on every Eke market day until my heart can heal. A lot of wicked things were done to me and I was busy chesting her bullets while she was busy doing the dirty!

Omo at this moment I don’t care anymore!!!! I’m pained!”.

“As for una wey she don recruit to be defending her evil heart…na Ogun go kee all of una!
Isimili Global without an office.
Freshest man my fat ass.
It’s only finished person who constantly needs to seek validation. Ndi Ara!!
I don’t want peace
On Vawulence I stand”.