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I was Born Without Hands, my Wife and Son Left me so I Farm & Fish to Feed my Mother & Myself. – Man Narrates

Life as it is, is difficult for the average able bodied man with complete body parts and functions. Now imagine how much more tasking it would be for a man without arms.

We require our hands, and sometimes even wish for an extra hand, while performing daily tasks like writing, eating, grooming, cleaning, typing, doing house chores e.t.c.

For this man, he never knew what it felt like to have hands as he was born without them. Despite this, he isn’t as helpless as you would imagine. He can perform very well, any daily functions which requires the use of hands.
View pictures in App save up to 80% data.That’s not all, he can even carry out more tedious task like weeding, cultivating, animal raring and fishing, something most able bodied men cannot do.

Funny enough, he does this task with so much ease you would think they are not difficult. He has been able to train his other body parts to perform functions that were ordinarily meant for the hands.

He eats with his leg.

He writes with his leg.

He types on phone with his tongue.

He weeds and grips stuffs with his neck.

He can throw with his leg.

Being born in a place with not much else to do, he took up farming occupation and does this to fend for himself and his mother.

Sadly, he had to live alone with his mother since his wife and his son left him. He mentioned that he has not been able to get another wife after then because not many ladies wants to associate with him because of his disability.

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