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I Help Bobrisky Wear His Pampers Always – Oye Spills More Beans (Video)

Crossdresser Bobrisky‘s Ivorian beneficiary Oye has continued to drag him spilling some more beans claiming she helps him change his Pampers and shave his chest.

Oye accused Bobrisky of assaulting her by hitting her with a speaker and even sending her packing from his house and has determined to drag Bobrisky to the filters for what he did do her by exposing his fake life.

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Oye’s initial accusations were confirmed by one of Bobrisky’s benefactors saying anyone who doesn’t believe Oye is a fool but now things are getting out of hand with the way Oye is ranting exposing Bobrisky on the gram.

Oye alleged that for the past few months she stayed with Bobrisky, she has been helping him shave the hair on his chest and also helps him change his Pampers everyday to be able to look presentable and then he comes online to brag of being a complete woman.

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Oye who once played along with Bobrisky claiming he’s so rich in one of their Instagram videos is now claiming he isn’t rich as he portrays on the gram calling him out saying the toilets in his house aren’t good and even to the extent that she gave Bobrisky some chains.

As usual Bobrisky has denied all the allegations asking Oye to show prove of he assaulting her and all that she has said about him even though it appears netizens are beginning to believe what Oye said since this isn’t the first time Bobrisky is being called out.

Video below;

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