Huawei to unveil world's first triple-folding smartphone in Q1 2024

According to a new piece of information, Huawei could actually unveil the world’s first triple-folding smartphone in Q1 next year. This information comes from “industry sources”, and is relayed by Revegnus, a tipster.

Huawei could unveil world’s first triple-folding device in Q1 next year

It is said that the company’s development of a triple-folding device is “progressing smoothly”, and that the device “may be ready for launch before March next year”. It is also noted that two such devices will be introduced in 2024.

Now, the tipster did note that Samsung is also preparing a triple-folding device. That phone will launch after Huawei’s, we may even have to wait until 2025 in order to see it.

Ross Young also pitched in via the comments. Ross Young is a well-known display analyst, and he’s usually spot on with his information. He notes that Huawei’s triple-folding device was supposed to launch at the end of this year. It seems like we may have to wait a bit longer, though.

Considering this is a triple-folding device, we presume it’s a tablet of some sort. It will provide us with a huge display when unfolded, and presumably fold down into a smartphone-size device.

It remains to be seen if its thickness will be an issue

It’ll be interesting to see what is Huawei planning here. Even with foldables, thickness was an issue, and it still is for some companies. Triple-folding devices have yet another layer on top of the one on regular folding phones, so they will be thicker, considerably.

Huawei managed to thin down its foldable offerings quite a bit. So, it remains to be seen what the company can do with a triple-folding device. This handset will come without Google Play Services, of course, due to the US ban.

Considering that this will be the world’s first device in the category, Huawei may opt to do a global launch for it. It remains to be seen.