Huawei might be working on its own camera sensor

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A few years ago, the US government banned Chinese smartphone maker Huawei from selling its phones in America and working with any American company. Well, that doesn’t seem to be slowing the company down, as it’s been playing catch-up over the past couple of years. According to a new report, Huawei could be working on its own in-house camera sensor.

Huawei is in a tough spot now. Not being able to associate with the US means that it doesn’t have access to many of the components powering its phones. The company has been selling off the rest of its phones using components acquired before the ban, but it looks like the company is running low.

Huawei might be making its own camera sensor

With the ban in the US, Huawei lost access to much of what it could use to build phones, but it’s looking for new ways to access components within China. Recently, it found a way to get chips for its devices without having to go through Qualcomm or ARM. However, the job isn’t finished.

Before, Huawei was getting its camera sensors from Sony, but the company can’t under the ban. So, it could either give up or build its own camera sensor. It looks like the company is doing the second thing, according to the source.

We’re not sure about what this sensor can do, but it looks like one will be a 48MP sensor that will be able to record 4K resolution at 60fps. That’s not the most impressive sensor on the market, but it’s much better than launching a phone without a camera.

Speaking of the phone launching with this camera, it looks like this sensor’s maiden voyage will be in the Huawei P70. That phone is still a mystery, but we know that it will use the company’s newest chip.

Huawei is working hard to be able to keep up after losing access to the US. We’re not sure that the company can trail after Samsung and Apple like it did in the past, however. Back then, Huawei was vying to steal the title of “World’s largest smartphone manufacturer” from Samsung. The title is still in the Korean giant’s hands, but it might not be for long. Apple is approaching Samsung in terms of smartphone sales, and it might surpass Samsung as early as next year.