How to Use OPay to receive dollars in Nigeria Easily?

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How to Use OPay to receive dollars in Nigeria Easily? Opay being a widely-used mobile payment platform, facilitates various financial services, including sending and receiving money, bill payments, and purchasing airtime.

Operating in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa, Opay boasts over 300,000 agents across these regions.

Opay can receive dollars and other foreign currencies through WorldRemit, a renowned online money transfer service available in over 150 countries.

This partnership allows users to receive funds from anywhere globally within minutes, offering a swift and convenient solution compared to traditional methods.

How to Use OPay to receive dollars in Nigeria Easily?

  1. Create an Opay account, available through the app or website.
  2. Instruct the sender to create a WorldRemit account.
  3. The sender selects the destination country (Nigeria, Kenya, or South Africa) and opts for “Mobile Money” as the delivery method, choosing Opay as the mobile money provider.
  4. The sender inputs your Opay-linked phone number, specifies the amount, and completes the transaction using their preferred payment method.
  5. You receive a notification from Opay upon fund arrival, and you can check your balance and transactions via the app or website.
  6. Withdraw funds from any Opay agent or utilize them for payments on the Opay platform.

Benefits of Receiving Dollars with Opay and WorldRemit

  1. Swift and Secure Transactions: Experience the efficiency of funds being transferred within minutes, coupled with the robust security measures of advanced encryption and fraud detection systems deployed by both Opay and WorldRemit to safeguard your data and financial resources.
  2. Low Transaction Fees: The sender bears a nominal fee for the transaction, contingent on the amount and currency involved. Notably, as the recipient, you are exempt from any charges for receiving the money in your Opay wallet.
  3. Competitive Exchange Rates: Senders enjoy the perks of fair and real-time exchange rates for their currency. You possess the flexibility to either receive the funds in your local currency or retain them in dollars or other foreign currencies within your Opay wallet.
  4. Convenient Access: Say goodbye to the necessity for a bank account or physical card when receiving money through Opay and WorldRemit. A mere phone number and internet connection suffice. Furthermore, you can effortlessly access your funds at any time and from any location through the Opay app or website.

What are Opay dollar transfer conditions

What are Opay dollar transfer conditions

1. Transfer Fee:

The sender is required to cover a transfer fee, usually around 2% of the sent amount. This fee contributes to the processing of the transaction.

2. Exchange Rate:

The transfer employs the mid-market rate, recognized for its competitiveness. This ensures that you receive a favorable rate during the currency conversion process.

3. Transfer Time:

The duration for the transfer to be completed varies based on the country of origin. Generally, it takes 1-2 business days for the funds to be credited to your Opay wallet, offering a relatively quick turnaround.

Cons of opay dollar transfer

The main disadvantage of receiving dollars in your Opay account is that you won’t have the ability to withdraw the funds in cash. Instead, the money will be automatically converted into Naira at a rate lower than the black market.

Aside from that, you won’t have the flexibility to withdraw or save the funds in dollars. This limitation may impact your ability to manage and utilize the received dollars according to your preferences.

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