How to find your YouTube Music 2023 Recap

On November 30, 2023, YouTube Music began to roll out its annual Year in Review feature called “2023 Recap”. It’s not as straightforward as some of the other streaming music services, which brings it front-and-center, so we’re here to help you find out where it is, as well as what is included in the 2023 recap.

What is YouTube Music Recap?

YouTube Music’s recap feature is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a recap of the music, artists, and genres that you listened to over the past year. Technically, it’s just January through November. Since the recap comes out right at the beginning of December, So obviously, December is not included in the Recap.

The recap starts by showing you how many minutes you spent listening to music and the different artists that you listened to the most in 2023. Your recap will show you the top 5 artists and some more details about them. This includes how many hours you listened, songs, and the “longest listening streak.” This will also tell you if you’re one of the top listeners for that particular artist.

One of the new features for 2023 includes “Your Album Cover” which YouTube Music will pull colors from your top tracks, making it look a bit like dynamic color theming. And it’s matched with a font and image to inform the creation.

The auto-generated playlist of the top songs for 2023 is not live just yet, but it should be in the coming days. As this is starting to roll out pretty slowly.

How to find your Year in Review Recap on YouTube Music

In the YouTube Music app. You can find the YouTube Music Recap pretty easily. Here’s how to do it:

Tap on your profile picture in the upper-right corner.

Screenshot 2023 11 30 09 23 52 27 801c3494cc30bc6d615367769f98046dScreenshot 2023 11 30 09 23 52 27 801c3494cc30bc6d615367769f98046d

Next, tap on “Your Recap.”

Or you can search “2023 Recap.”

Screenshot 2023 11 30 09 23 59 61 801c3494cc30bc6d615367769f98046dScreenshot 2023 11 30 09 23 59 61 801c3494cc30bc6d615367769f98046d

From here, you should see your 2023 Recap. If you see “Nothing to hear here,” then it’s not yet available for your account.

And that’s it. You can check out your Recap as many times as you’d like and even add these playlists to your library.