How much Does GTB Charge for Dollar Card?

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How much Does GTB Charge for Dollar Card? If you’ve ever faced challenges paying for online services in Nigeria, having a dollar card is crucial for transactions on platforms like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook. GTBank, a major African financial provider, issues Dollar cards, and this article guides you on requesting one through the user-friendly GTBank mobile app.

Whether it’s renewing subscriptions, purchasing items, or running ads on social media, a GTBank dollar card simplifies online payments, offering convenience for users in Nigeria. Follow these easy steps to secure your GTBank dollar card through the mobile app and unlock seamless access to various online services.

Why You Should Get A GTBank Dollar Card

The GTBank dollar card offers convenient features for users:

1. Global ATM Access:

Enjoy 24-hour access to funds at approximately 2.1 million MasterCard ATMs worldwide.

2. Versatile Payment:

Use the card to pay for goods and services at 34 million merchant locations globally, including hotels and supermarkets.

3. Affordable Minimum Requirement:

Obtain the GTBank dollar card with a minimum of N1,000, making it accessible to a broad user base.

4. Secure Transactions:

Ensure safety with Chip and PIN technology, providing protection against unauthorized transactions.

5. Extended Validity:

Benefit from a 3-year card validity period, offering lasting convenience for your transactions.

6. How much Does GTB Charge for Dollar Card?

An issuance fee of N1,000 (or it’s equivalent in dollars). Annual Maintenance fee of $10 (or it’s equivalent in dollars).

How many Days does it Take to Get GTB Dollar Card?

Getting a GTBank Dollar MasterCard is a quick and straightforward process. Simply visit your nearest GTBank branch, ask for a new or replacement debit card, and leave with the newly issued card in your hand instantly.

Whether you require a debit card for daily transactions or need a replacement, you can obtain a GTBank Dollar MasterCard promptly at any GTBank branch nationwide. Visit the closest GTBank branch, request your new or replacement debit card, and leave with the newly issued card instantly in hand.

How can I Get my GTBank Card Number?

1. Contact GTBank customer service:

Get in touch with GTBank’s customer service through their official helpline or by visiting a local branch. Provide necessary information to confirm your identity as the account holder.

2. Request card information:

Once your identity is verified, let the customer service representative know that you need your card number. They will assist you in the process of retrieving it.

3. Follow authentication procedures:

GTBank may have specific steps to authenticate your identity before sharing sensitive information like a card number. Be prepared to answer security questions or provide other forms of identification.

Remember, never disclose your card number or any personal details online or to unauthorized persons. Depend solely on official channels and implement essential measures to safeguard your financial information.

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