“How I once lost a job because Doyin refused to work with me” – Ceec opens up on sour friendship with Doyin

ceec doyin

Cynthia Nwadiora, better known as Ceec, revealed that she lost a job opportunity because Doyin refused to work with her.

During her appearance as a guest on the “I Said What I Said Podcast,” Ceec revealed how Doyin went to the job management and asked how much they paid her.

According to Ceec, Doyin made her feel so uncomfortable that she had to force the cameramen to film Doyin just to satisfy her.

Ceec went on to say that another group of people wanted to work on a project with her and Doyin, but Doyin declined, stating that she did not want to work with her.

According to Ceec, the actions of Doyin made her lose the job opportunity.