How do Google and Facebook keep their source code secure when hundreds of staff members have access to it?

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How Google Source Code Looks Like

Google shares its project codes on places like Google Open Source, where you can find programs like Google Summer of Code. The Google Code Archive keeps projects from 2006-2016, and you can also check Google’s open-source projects on GitHub, where they store many code collections.

If you want to see the code for something specific, like Google Chrome, you can visit the Chromium Project’s website. Remember, dealing with source code requires some technical knowledge. If you’re curious about a webpage’s code, you can use your browser’s tools.

In Google Chrome, click the menu, go to “More tools,” and then click “View Source.” It’s like getting a sneak peek behind the scenes.

How Google Keep their Source Code Secure Even when hundreds of their staff members have access to it?

Here’s how they do it:

1. They Make Use of Secure Severs:

Google has strict security for its servers and devices holding important code. Employees can only use approved devices to access the code, and personal gadgets are a no-go.

2. Strict Monitoring Process:

Google keeps tabs on what its employees are up to. This means using tracking software, checking network access, and other security tricks to make sure nothing fishy is happening.

3. By Giving Out Incentives and Bonuses to Its Staff:

Google gives employees stock options as a bonus. This gives them a reason to safeguard the company’s secrets since their stock options depend on how well the company does.

4. Managed in Sections:

Google’s source code is split into different sections, each managed by a specific team. This way, only a small group has access to sensitive parts, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry.

5. They have a Strong Coding Process:

Google follows safe coding practices, regularly checks for security issues, and plans for potential risks. This way, they can catch and fix problems before they become big issues.

6. Being Open About It:

Google shares information about its privacy and security practices. For example, the Google Transparency Report shows how government and business actions impact privacy, security, and access to info.

By doing all these things, Google makes sure its source code stays safe while letting its team do their work. It’s like having a secure vault with a few trusted keys!