“How can you defend failure” Daddy Freeze tackles Apostle Selman over his inability to raise the dead

daddy freeze joshua selman

Daddy Freeze, a media personality, has slammed the fibre of the Eternity Network International, Apostle Joshua Selman, for his inability to raise the dead.

In a resurfaced video, the clergyman described being locked up in a mortuary but being unable to raise the dead despite quoting several scriptures.

He explained that he realised it was a growth process, which is why he couldn’t raise them.

According to him, it is a learning experience for him because what one does after disappointment demonstrates whether or not they believe in God.

“Do you know how many mortuaries they have locked me to pray for the dead? when you hear some of the things God is doing he did not start today sir they’ve taken me inside the mortuary and they closed me……
they left me there, I said which dead body am I praying for now? because there are so many dead bodies there.

I came and stood before the dead Body I laid my hands it was like stone, I didn’t know what part to lay my hands on let me tell you one of the ways that God builds faith he brings you face to face with what you fear, listen to what I’m telling you, you may not like this message but keep it you will need it one day… …

back to that mutuary story after I prayed and prayed and prayed nothing happened and you know they had closed the door I prayed i just used the opportunity to really meditate and say look how brief this life is these are all dead bodies that were alive because nothing was happening”.

In response, Daddy Freeze slammed the clergyman, asking whether he would accept such an excuse from doctors or pilots.

He mentioned how nearly 20 famous celebrities died this year, but the pastor was unable to name any.

“If a doctor does this to you, will you say he is growing? If a pilot does this to you, will you say he is growing? How can you so bravely defend failure? You failed one out of the 20 famous people that have died. You couldn’t raise any”.