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Hilda Dakubo Laments Over Royalties In Nollywood, Says They Were Not Paid When building The Industry



Veteran Nollywood actress, Hilda Dakubo has stated that there’s nothing like royalties in the Nigerian movie industry.

Speaking in an interview on HipTv, she reflected on the situation of things in the entertainment industry and its growth into global prominence.

She expressed that having royalties in place in the movie industry will help make people who put in a lot of resources to produce movies feel appreciated.

She hinted that many people and herself were not paid for the work they did during the early days of their career in the industry as they viewed it as the building phase of the industry.

“It will be nice to receive royalties. It’ll be nice to even get much more than whatever it was. I mean a lot of us who started in the industry, most of the works we did, nobody paid us because we were building,” she said.


“That is why I tell people that ‘you never know what those who set the foundation had to go through to build the house that you’re in. It’d be nice to get those royalties.”

She added, “Stories are changing from regular family stuff to epic, horror, comedy, and a whole lot. Writers are changing, producers are changing, there are streaming platforms all over the place,

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