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“He Wanted To Place A Calabash On My Head”- Girl Who Was Allegedly Beaten By Her Ex Boyfriend Speaks

Last updated on January 11, 2021

A girl who accused her ex boyfriend of beating her mercilessly has revealed the reason why it happened. According to earlier reports, this young girl was dating an alleged internet fraudster (yahoo boy), the relationship was going on well because her ex boyfriend was buying expensive designers, giving her a lot of money and she is also using the latest model of iPhone.

Check out few of their photos below

Unfortunately, their relationship ended after the video of the girl with a swollen face went viral. Many people asked questions about what really happened and she alleged that her ex boyfriend tried to use her for rituals. According to what she narrated in the viral video, he invited her to a hotel and she honored the invitation. When she entered his hotel room, her ex boyfriend tried to use force to place a calabash on her head but she quickly escaped it. The boy was angry that the calabash didn’t touch her head, he wanted the phone that he bought for her back but instead of the girl to give it back willingly, she broke it. This was when he started to beat her badly.

You can watch the video below


Meanwhile, her ex boyfriend also reacted to her claims, he made it clear that she is lying and It’s the guy that she is dating currently after him that beat her up badly. He added that her ex girlfriend is just trying to blackmail him.

You can watch the video below


Nigerians have been reacting to the videos and there have been different opinions concerning the situation, check out reactions below

Do you think she is just trying to accuse the guy wrongly? Who do you think we should believe?

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