Grazing : Adamu Slams El- Rufai, Masari , others

He also dampened the hope of Southerners ahead of 2023 by declaring that rotational presidency is not provided for by the 1999 Constitution .

Reacting to recent embracement of anti – open grazing law by Governors Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State and Bello Masari of Katsina State as earlier adopted by the entire 17 Southern States Governors, Senator Adamu said they got it wrong with such embracement .

According to him , in as much as it is not allowed for any herder to use his cattle to destroy farmers ‘s farms, it is unconstitutionally for anybody to restrict his movement or criminalised cattle rearing business going by provisions of free movement and legitimate business in the 1999 Constitution.

” The fact that a governor or two is doing that doesn’t take away the right of Herders. Nature abhors vacuum. The duty to protect the right of farmers rest squarely with the governors.

“The question to ask is that have the Governors done the right thing. The answer is no. The stance of some Northern Governors doesn’t change my position against the law which as far as the provisions of the 1999 Constitution are concerned, is nullity .

“If you can protect a spare parts dealer, why can’t you protect a herder? If government can save private banks with public money, why can’t we do that with herders? I am for modernisation but the government must address the problem genuinely”, he said .

On 2023 Presidential election , the former Governor of Nasarawa State said , those nursing the idea of zoning or rotational presidency should jettison it since it is not provided for by the 1999 Constitution .

He said : ” No part of Nigerian constitution provides for zoning or rotation of political offices , meaning that for anybody to become President , he or she must be ready to go through the ballot box .

“You can’t just whisk away a position that is fundamental to the life of a country.

“You can’t talk of merit and talk of zoning. The issue of rotation, let’s just go by merit. Let every party find a way of selling itself in a manner as to garner the kind of votes to deliver the presidential result. It is as simple as that.

” What we are practicing is Democracy which is government of the people, by the people and for the people.

” It therefore amounts to wishful thinking for anybody to be thinking of zoning to get to office”.

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