Grab this 2TB SSD for over $100 off while you can

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Crucial is one of the better brands out there for memory and storage options, and right now you can save some money on a 2TB P3 Plus SSD from Crucial thanks to this deal over at Amazon. Usually this 2TB SSD would run you $189.99 but it’s on sale for over $100 off that price. The deal brings the price down to $85.49 so it’s exactly $104.50 off the normal price.

That’s really quite a good deal for 2TB of storage capacity on an M.2 NVMe SSD. But not just any M.2 NVMe SSD, one that’s also Gen4 and has read speeds of up to 5,000 MB/s. Compared to Gen3 NVMe SSDs that’s a 43% bump in performance. Which is going to mean faster load times for you on games and other types of files. And perhaps more importantly it can mean a faster boot-up time for your PC in general if you have the operating system stored on it.

And less time waiting for your PC to boot up means the quicker you can move on to doing with your PC what you turned it on for in the first place. Now this doesn’t come with a heatsink. So if you’re going to want one then you will have to buy it separately from this SSD. And while not entirely necessary you might want one. Luckily those can be picked up for pretty cheap. Worth noting is that if 2TB isn’t enough storage for you then Crucial also has a 4TB version of the P3 Plus SSD available. And it’s reasonably priced too at $214.99.

These prices may or may not stick around till Black Friday. But if you’re in need of a storage upgrade they’re worth considering. If you want to snag this deal you can grab it from the link below.

Crucial P3 Plus 2TB SSD – Amazon