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Governors, traditional leaders responsible for security, we won’t do their job, Buhari insists

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday said the federal government will not take responsibility of insecurity in states where there are governors traditional leaders.

Speaking in a presidential media chat on Thursday, the president expressed his displeasure over the ineffectiveness of the traditional rulers whom he said are more knowledgeable of their terrain more than anyone. He also insists the various state governors know the security situation of their states more than the federal government.

“Gone are the days that the traditional institutions and leaders where very effective. I sent back two governors who came to complain about their states, you campaign to be elected and you were elected, then you are responsible for your state” the president said.

“Governors and traditional leaders know all the crooks (referring to criminals).They meet either monthly or quarterly for security meeting.The governors know what is happening to them, but they just sit down and win election and expect somebody to do their job for them.” He added

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