Google's "Help Me Script" AI will help you script Google Home automations

Setting up custom Google Home routines can be a challenging task, involving users to tinker with automation scripts. Now, to make this process easy for everyday users, Google has introduced the “Help Me Script” feature, which uses generative AI to help people make custom routines.

So, how would the system work?

Google’s smart home ecosystem has been the go-to choice for many Android users, mainly due to extensive third-party accessory support. However, for people with several smart devices, creating custom automation requires them to learn how to use the company’s script editor. This is where the Help Me Script AI comes in, as it allows Google Home users to input natural language descriptions, such as “dim the living room lights and close the blinds when the TV turns on after sunset,” into the AI chatbot. Once entered, the AI not only generates the script but also reviews it and activates the routine.

Additionally, the AI also suggests various routine ideas, from locking doors and turning off lights when a user goes to bed to sending notifications when someone rings the doorbell and the user isn’t home.

Limitations of the system

Considering the Help Me Script feature is still in early development, it has a slew of bugs, including one where the AI will struggle to identify many devices accurately, resulting in errors when attempting to use the generated scripts in the editor. Moreover, the system currently faces difficulties in managing a large group of devices, such as a room. This issue was highlighted by Android Police’s Taylor Kerns, who faced difficulties in making the AI control all the lights in his house.

Still, a big step forward

Despite the issues, this development represents a significant step forward in the smart home space, as by simplifying the creation of complex automation, Google Home can appeal to a broader audience. For users interested in trying out this new AI feature, it’s available through the Google Home web portal.

“Starting today, our new “help me script” feature allows you to enjoy the benefits of home automation via natural language prompts and generative AI, even if you don’t have technical expertise,” reads Google’s blog post.

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