Google will welcome 40 lucky members to Pixel Superfans Insider Event

Google is offering an exclusive opportunity to its dedicated Pixel Superfans, allowing them to step behind the scenes and explore Google’s Kings Cross location. The event, known as the Pixel Superfans Insider Event, promises an exciting experience for 40 lucky members. This unique chance includes tours, live interviews, hands-on demonstrations of Google devices, and much more.

“Pixel Superfans is a program for people who love Pixel products. We were inspired to create this program because we know many of you love Pixel as much as we do, and we wanted to create a space where fellow Superfans could connect. There is no cost to join and you can be involved as much or as little as you want. We hope that you’ll want to join our Superfan community.” – Google

To join, all it takes is completing a Google survey and signing up for free. Superfans receive early access to the latest Pixel news, exclusive Q&A sessions with product and engineering leads, and invitations to special events. Now, Google is raising the bar by inviting 40 Pixel Superfans to the heart of its operations in Kings Cross, London, on December 5.

Google is asking Superfans to submit a photo taken with their Pixel device, along with some background context to participate in this remarkable opportunity, reports Android Police. While the existing Pixel Superfans get the offer via an email announcement, there appears to be an entry form to the Pixel Superfan community inside the Google store. However, you should note that government officials, press members, and Google/Alphabet employees aren’t eligible to apply. 

Additional benefits of being a Pixel Superfan

The Pixel Superfan community offers more than just exclusive events and early news. Google occasionally provides referral codes to its devoted members, which can result in cost savings when purchasing new devices. 

The Pixel Superfan community, though not a well-kept secret, has gained significant popularity. However, applications for new Pixel Superfan memberships in the UK were unexpectedly halted. Google promised to reopen the opportunity in the “near future.” and here we are. The UK was only the second region to gain access to the program.

One intriguing aspect of the Pixel Superfan community is that it’s not exclusive to Pixel enthusiasts alone. Google fans, in general, can find several perks of interest. Everyone won’t necessarily participate in the Kings Cross tour or enter contests. But the referral codes offered by the community can be quite handy, particularly if you’re on a budget. It’s yet another way Google is strengthening its connection with its dedicated users, making them feel like a part of the Google family.