Google wants its generative AI to help you advertise

Generative AI is proving to be a useful tool in several respects. While it’s scary for plenty of people, it can be helpful to others, and this is true for advertisers. On Wednesday, Google announced some new generative AI tools that will help advertisers reach their audiences.

The Google platform that people use to push their advertisements is called Performance Max. It was designed to be an AI-first advertising platform back in 2021, but the company announced generative AI tools for the platform earlier this year. Now, these tools are rolling out for people to use. So, if you use it, then things might change for the platform soon.

Google is bringing generative AI tools to advertisers

The first tool will use generative AI to generate assets for your campaigns. If you’re having trouble thinking of a captivating headline for your campaign, then the platform will give you some suggestions. You’ll enter your site’s link and answer some questions about what you’re trying to advertise. Then, it will create some suggestions for titles.

Along with the text generation, there’s also image generation, as Performance Max will also allow people to generate visual assets for their ads. The company will make sure that every image it generates is unique to your campaign. It will never generate two of the same image.

The company will also give you access to AI-powered editing for your images. If you need to create different variations of the same image, touch it up, resize it, etc. you’ll be able to do that using the powerful AI tools. Just like with other generative tools, you’re able to type in what you want it to do, and it will automatically edit the image to your liking.

You won’t only be able to edit your generated images, but you’ll also be able to edit your existing images.

Google is beta testing these new tools, right now, but the company announced that they will be available by early 2024.