Google videos highlight AI-driven Pixel 8, health-focused Watch 2

Google Pixel 8 Pro AH 01 jpg.webp

Fresh from the launch of its latest Pixel hardware, Google has released a couple of promotional videos showcasing the new products on its YouTube channel. One of the videos takes us through the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, while the other is about the Pixel Watch 2. The company is trying to make the world familiar with the new features offered by its products. Let’s check them out.

AI is all over the Google Pixel 8 series

Google has focused heavily on AI (Artificial Intelligence) with the Pixel 8. The chipset powering the new phones, Tensor G3, itself places more emphasis on AI performance over speed. The official promo video also begins in the same tone. “engineered by Google, with AI controlled by you,” the company says at the very beginning. It highlights the improved camera capabilities of the new Pixels, including features such as Video Booster and Night Sight.

The powerful on-device AI enabled by Tensor G3 allows you to filter out noise from videos and keep the sound that matters. The Pixel 8 also brings enhanced Real Tone so you don’t look like someone else in photos. The promo video also talks about optical zoom and other camera features such as Astrophotography, Macro, Magic Editor, pro-grade controls, and other AI-powered editing tools. “Photos made perfect with a tap,” Google says.

The company then moves to the security side of things. The Pixel 8’s Tensor G3 processor is paired with the Titan M2 security chip to keep your photos, videos, and other data secure while blocking external attacks. Built-in VPN provided through Google One adds another layer of security to your phone, with your online activities remaining private to you. The Safety Check feature ensures that your closest ones are the first to know in case of an emergency.

The Pixel Watch 2 brings Fitbit’s health features to Google hardware

“Help by Google, health by Fitbit,” Google describes the Pixel Watch 2. The new smartwatch brings more advanced sensors to accurately measure your everyday health and keep you in good shape. The promo video released by the company showcases its skin temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, stress monitor, sleep tracking, activity tracking, and more.

Google says you can log in your mood and get tips to reduce stress. If you have set a fitness goal, Google Assistant will give you updates on your progress whenever you demand. Google’s Safety Check feature can be found on the Pixel Watch 2 as well, so you never lose contact with loved ones for too long. You can watch Google’s promo video for the new watch below.