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Google urges EU Commission to force Apple to open iMessage for RCS compatibility: Report

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In a recent development reported by The Financial Times, Google and major European telecom companies have urged the European Commission to classify iMessage as a “core” service under the Digital Markets Act (DMA), emphasizing its crucial role as a communication channel between businesses and customers.

Google’s Perspective on Apple’s Adoption of RCS

Google has been advocating for Apple to adopt RCS, a cross-platform messaging standard, through its #GetTheMessage campaign. Google argues that Apple’s iMessage exclusivity is a strategic move and emphasizes the need for interoperability with other messaging services.

While Apple’s Messages app can send cross-platform messages via SMS, iMessage’s enhanced features, such as encryption and higher quality media sharing, remain exclusive to Apple’s ecosystem.

Business User Focus

The letter, co-signed by Google and CEOs of major telecom companies (Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica, and Orange), argues that iMessage qualifies as a core platform service due to its operation by a company with substantial revenue and a significant user base, especially in the business sector.

The letter contends that iMessage serves as a vital gateway between businesses and consumers, justifying Apple’s designation as a gatekeeper for the service under the DMA.

Apple’s Response on RCS

Apple responded by stating that iMessage is designed for personal consumer communication and falls outside the DMA’s scope. The company asserts that consumers have access to various messaging apps, and iMessage’s focus is on personal communication.

The Commission’s investigation into iMessage’s potential classification as a core platform service is ongoing, and a decision is anticipated by February next year. Apple maintains its stance on iMessage’s consumer-centric design and awaits further discussions with the Commission.

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