Google Pixel Watch 2 is ditching wireless charging, kind of

Google Pixel Watch 2 charger leak featured 1 jpg.webp

The Google Pixel Watch 2 will ditch wireless charging the first-gen model offered, kind of. The official Pixel Watch 2 charger surfaced, and it features four pogo pins on it.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is ditching wireless charging, well… kind of

You will still charge the watch using the included proprietary charger, but unlike the first-gen model, this one doesn’t offer inductive charging. The original Pixel Watch was not Qi certified, but it did offer inductive charging, without the need for pogo pins.

That method is considered more modern, of course. There’s nothing particularly wrong with pogo pins, but they’re outdated in comparison. Also, they do need maintenance, as I’ve had problems with them in several instances. Conductive charging is more reliable.

I’ve had two pairs of wireless earbuds which stopped charging due to pogo pins, and one smartwatch. In two out of three cases, proper cleaning helped, though. So just keep that in mind.

The official charger appeared, and it features pogo pins

In any case, if you check out the images below, you’ll see the charger in question. It got leaked by Arsène Lupin, a source of many Google leaks these last couple of days. It will be white-colored regardless of the model of the watch you get and you can clearly see the Type-C plug, and four pogo pins on it.

Yes, this charger will magnetize to the watch when you bring it close to it, so you won’t have to worry about aligning anything manually.

The tipster also revealed the price tag of this charger. The Pixel Watch 2 charger will set you back $29. It will, however, ship in the box along with the Pixel Watch 2, if you get the watch.

As a reminder, the Google Pixel 8 series event will take place in a couple of hours, at 10 AM EST / 7 AM PST / 4 PM CET / 3 PM CET. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will arrive, alongside the Pixel Watch 2 we talked about here.