Google Photos is set to get the 'Photo Stack' feature

If you are tired of having a cluttered collection of images on Google Photos, then the Stack feature will interest you. This feature is currently in the pipeline and might roll out in the coming weeks via an app update. With this coming feature, Google hopes to help declutter your Photos app by grouping similar photos into one stack.

By doing this, users won’t have to deal with seeing a ton of similar photos lying around the app’s interface. While the roll-out of this feature is still a while away, netizens are already getting a glimpse of what the feature will look like. This is in terms of the design for the Photo Stack feature and how it will look on the Google Photos app.

Once available, users will need to activate this feature from their settings page. Currently, only beta testers of the Google Photos app have access to this feature at this time. Here’s what to expect from this feature, as well as its usage once it is available via an update.

Google’s Photo Stack feature is expected in the coming weeks

This coming Google Photo Stack feature aims to help users to manage the photos on their app. Already, the Google Photos app helps users to better organize their photos for easy access. Well, there is still the challenge of wading through lots of similar photos that were taken in the same period.

Lots of users will view this as being stressful, especially when these similar photos come in the way of their search for other photos. To solve this issue and declutter the Google Photos app, the feature in consideration in this article is preparing to roll out. Once this feature rolls out, it’ll group all similar photos taken within the same period into one big stack.

From this stack, users will be able to access other images that are similar to the stack’s header image. Each photo of stacks will have a header image that will be on display on the Google Photos app interface. This will help users identify each Photo Stack for easy access to the photos within the stack.

To help users identify a stack, Google will employ the use of a sign similar to a minimize button (a little square overlapping another). Tapping on photos with this sign at their top right-hand corner will pull up other photos within the stack. Users can then access each photo within the stack instead of seeing all of them on the Google Photos app interface.

Once this feature is available, users might need to activate it from the Google Photos app setting. From the settings page, they need to access preferences and then activate the Stack similar photos option. There might be some major improvements from the beta testing version of this feature once it rolls out for public usage.