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Google Messages gets Photomoji, Voice moods, Custom bubbles and more

Google Messages New Features Nov 2023

Google has announced a significant achievement, surpassing one billion monthly active users equipped with RCS in Google Messages. Google attributes this success to the ongoing support from dedicated partners and users who have championed RCS over the years.

Google also expresses satisfaction with Apple’s recent step towards adopting RCS, announced just two weeks ago. In celebration of this milestone, Google Messages introduces seven exciting features for Android users:


Transform your favorite photos into reactions using on-device Google AI. Share these creations in group chats, allowing friends to use them as well. Your creations are saved for reuse, fostering a more personalized and creative messaging experience.

Google Messages Photomoji

Voice Moods and Improved Audio Quality

Choose from nine emotions to add visual effects to your voice messages. Audio quality has also been enhanced based on user feedback.

Voice Moods in Google Messages 1

Screen Effects

Bring messages to life with vibrant animations by typing specific phrases. Discover over 15 hidden Screen Effects prompt words.

Screen Effects Google Messages

Custom Bubbles

Personalize bubble colors and backgrounds for each conversation, avoiding accidental messages to the wrong chat.

Custom Bubbles google messages

Reaction Effects

Add life to conversations by reacting to messages with animated effects. Ten popular (👍❤️ 😂😮😡👎💩🎉😠😢) emoji expressions are supported.

Reaction Effects Google Messages

Animated Emoji

Enhance expressions with Animated Emoji, bringing visual effects to each message based on the chosen emoji.

Animated Emoji Google Messages


Personalize your profile name and picture associated with your phone number to enhance self-expression and avoid confusion in group chats.

Google Messages Blog Profiles


All these features are set to roll out in beta on Google Messages, starting today.

Announcing the updates, Sanaz Ahari, VP and GM, Android and Business Communications, said:

Whether you’re utilizing Reaction Effects to stay connected in the group chat during the holidays or sending a heartfelt message with Voice Moods to a friend on New Year’s Eve, we aim for your Google Messages with RCS experience to be truly authentic – for each of the one billion users!