Google highlights safety features that Pixel phones offer

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The Google Pixel phones and watches come with several safety features to ensure your personal safety in need. From sharing your location with emergency services and your loved ones to displaying some information about you on screen, the Personal Safety app on your Pixel is built to ensure that you get the help “whether on a late-night walk home from work or a solo weekend hike.”

These features are continually improving, thanks to built-in AI capabilities and regular feature drops on both Pixel phones and watches.

Explore Google’s Innovative safety features to take real advantage of your Pixel

One of the most important Pixel safety features lies in its Personal Safety app, making it a hub for important emergency information. To let the first responders know your critical medical information such as your blood group, you can add them and choose to show them on the lock screen. You can also opt-in for automatically sharing the information during an emergency call.

Another important safety feature launched with the Google Pixel watch 2 is the Scheduled Safety Checks. It lets you keep your loved ones informed about your activities and well-being. Safety Check lets you set a time between 1 minute to 8 hours and notifies selected emergency contacts if you fail to respond within the time. 

You can mark yourself safe at any time before it ends. Otherwise, it asks you for a response throughout the last 60 seconds before it shares your location with your emergency contacts.

Crisis alert joins Car Crash Detection and Fall Detection

If you’ve taken a hard fall, the Pixel device on your wrist detects that and asks you to ensure everything is okay before calling emergency services. Car Crash Detection similarly prompts you for help if your phone detects something similar to a car crash.

Another notable one from the Pixel safety features is the Crisis alerts. It alerts you about the public emergencies around you such as a flood through the Personal Safety App.

With voice commands and intuitive interfaces, accessing these features is easy, ensuring safety when you might need it. To use these features effectively, grant the Personal Safety app access to your location.