Gmail for Android will make replying to emails much quicker

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Replying to an email and replying to a messaging app both accomplish the same goal, but they’re two completely different things. Messaging apps are more casual while emails require more Pomp and Circumstance. However, Gmail for Android is looking to flip that script with a quick reply function.

This is something that we’ve seen in other apps like Shortwave. While you’re able to send emails with a subject line and all of the other accouterments, you’re still able to have a messenger-like experience. You can find out more about this app by going to the Shortwave website.

Gmail for Android is getting a quick reply feature

You’re most likely using Gmail for business communications, but you’ll also find yourself in more casual conversations. So, it’s not necessary all the time to always have on your Sunday best. This is why, according to the report, Gmail is pushing a quick reply function.

When you’re in an email conversation you’ll see a little text field on the bottom of the screen. There, you’ll be able to quickly type your response to the email. as though you’re using an app like WhatsApp or Telegram.

When you’re typing in the text field, you’ll see the reply button on the left of the screen. You’ll tap on it to quickly send the reply, but there’s also an arrow under that button. Tap on that for more sending options, in case you want to reply to all or edit the recipients.


On the right side of the text field, you’ll see the emoji picker button. As you type, you’ll see the text field expand to accommodate your writing. Your text won’t be cut off by the text field making you scroll to read your message. As you type, you’ll see the emoji button change into a Send button.

Right now, we’re not sure when Google is going to push this update to the public. For the time being, this looks like it’s a server-side update, so updating the app won’t let you see it. You’ll just have to wait like the rest of us.