Global Xiaomi smartphones will start getting HyperOS in Q1 2024

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Global variants of Xiaomi smartphones will start getting the HyperOS update in Q1 2024. Not all of them will get it at the same time, of course, nor will all of them get the update. A list actually surfaced, which we’re here to talk about.

Global Xiaomi smartphones will start getting HyperOS in Q1 2024

This list has been shared by GSMChina, and 9 devices are included on it. Do note that the Xiaomi 14 series is not mentioned here as HyperOS will come pre-installed on the global models, as it does on Chinese ones.

Having said that, the first devices listed here are the ones from the Xiaomi 13 series. The Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, and Xiaomi 13 Ultra are included here. On top of that, you’ll also notice the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro.


Following them, the Xiaomi 12T is also mentioned, as is the Xiaomi 11T. There is even one tablet mentioned on this list, the Xiaomi Pad 6, as many of you have probably guessed.

HyperOS will come to more devices moving forward, but this is the initial wave that will get the update. GSMChina claims that this list has been confirmed by information from a Xiaomi server.

Xiaomi’s latest flagships are the only ones that run HyperOS at the moment

The Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro, which launched in China, are the only devices rocking HyperOS at the moment. Other devices in Xiaomi’s homeland will start getting the update in December this year.

HyperOS is supposed to replace MIUI altogether. Xiaomi went with a rebrand here, and some changes on the UI side of things. Based on what we’ve seen thus far, however, HyperOS does look a lot like MIUI.

We haven’t had the chance to use it just yet, but at least from the design side of things, it’s very similar. It remains to be seen if the global version will differentiate in that regard, but chances are it will not.