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Global 5G subscriptions to surpass 5.3 billion by 2029; India targets 860 million subscribers: Report

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Ericsson Mobility Report predicts that nearly 20% of global mobile subscriptions will be 5G by the end of 2023, showing robust growth despite economic challenges and geopolitical unrest. The report estimates 610 million new 5G subscriptions in 2023, a 63% increase from 2022, reaching a global total of 1.6 billion.

Key Findings of Ericsson Mobility Report Nov 2023
  • Global 5G Growth: The report extends the forecast to 2029, anticipating a 330% increase in global 5G subscriptions from 1.6 billion to 5.3 billion. By the end of 2023, 5G coverage is expected to reach 45% of the global population, rising to 85% by 2029.
  • Regional Trends: North America leads with 61% 5G subscription penetration by 2023. India is experiencing strong growth, expecting 11% 5G penetration by the end of 2023.
  • Data Consumption: Global average data consumption per smartphone continues to rise, with total mobile data traffic expected to triple by 2029, driven by improved devices and network performance.
  • 5G Mid-Band: 5G mid-band coverage exceeds 40%, driven by significant deployments in India and Europe. Mid-band offers high capacity and coverage for the complete 5G experience.

Ericsson Mobility Report on 5G Network Nov 2023

India 5G Market Overview
  • 5G in India: After the October 2022 launch, India anticipates 130 million 5G subscriptions in 2023, growing to 860 million by 2029, constituting 68% of mobile subscriptions.
  • 4G Transition: While 4G remains dominant, subscriptions are expected to decline as users migrate to 5G, dropping from 870 million in 2023 to 390 million by 2029.
  • Data Trends: India leads in data consumption, with smartphone data traffic projected to grow from 31 GB/month in 2023 to 75 GB/month in 2029. Total mobile data traffic is estimated to increase from 26 EB/month to 73 EB/month.
  • Wireless Connectivity in Manufacturing: The report explores 5G’s impact on the manufacturing industry, emphasizing its role in production output and resource reallocation.

Commenting on the report, Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks at Ericsson, said:

Surpassing 600 million new 5G subscriptions worldwide this year and experiencing growth across all regions, it’s clear that there’s robust demand for high-performance connectivity. The ongoing 5G rollout is marked by a rising number of standalone networks, unlocking opportunities to cater to advanced applications for both consumers and enterprises.

Speaking about the report, Peter Jonsson, Executive Editor at Ericsson Mobility Report, Ericsson, said:

The surge in mobile network data growth underscores consumers’ enthusiasm for advanced mobile broadband applications. This momentum will intensify as global adoption of 5G expands and new use cases emerge, propelling additional growth in data traffic. With the majority of traffic originating indoors, where people spend a significant amount of time, there’s an increasing demand to extend 5G mid-band coverage indoors and outdoors, ensuring a complete 5G experience across all locations.