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‘Give Us State Police, Decentralize Judiciary & Allow States To Control Resources’ – El-Rufai To FG

The Kaduna State Governor, Governor Nasir El-Rufai has called for devolution of power between the Federal Government and 36 states in the country.

He made this known during his submission at a programme called ‘Radio Now’s Urgent Conversation’ on Channels Television where he said;

“I will dwell on three of the issues that I believe are critical to the immediate needs of the country to pull back from the brink.

The first, it is imperative for Federal, state, and community policing. We do not have enough police. One centralised police for the country just has not worked.

Secondly, we must amend the constitution and relevant laws to ensure control of oil and gas, mines, and minerals in the states that already have control over land under the land use Act with royalties and taxes payable to the Federal Government and the Federation Account

Number three, we must rectify the anomaly of a Federation that has a more or less unitary judiciary.

My first recommendation is to implement the three key devolution proposals that I mentioned above. Give us state police now, vest all minerals in the state now, and decentralised our judiciary now, not tomorrow, not later.

It is an understatement to say that Nigeria is in one of its most difficult moments. The genuine fears for their lives and property felt by many citizens across the country need to be assuaged. All responsible persons must show compassion to our compatriots that have been affected while calming nerves.

Banditry is a national problem, with victims from all parts of the country, and we should address it with a common resolve.”



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