Get the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro for only $189.99

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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro are one of the better pairs of true wireless earbuds you can get these days and Best Buy currently has them on sale for just $189.99 instead of $229.99. Best Buy is already having its Black Friday sale as it began the sale early so this is a good time to save on these earbuds and other items.

As Samsung’s newest pair of true wireless earbuds there’s loads of advanced features inside to help make these an incredible pair of earbuds for all your audio needs. Active noise cancellation is one of the top features here and it means you can block out the sounds of anything around you so you can focus on whatever you’re listening to. Be it music, podcasts, games, TV, or movies. That being said you may not always want to block out the sound. In certain situations like when out shopping, there may come a time where you need to actually talk to someone. But you might not want to take out the earbuds.

With the ambient sound mode you won’t have to. You can just turn it on and the earbuds will filter in sound through the earbuds from outside sources. Making it easy to hear other people or things like passing traffic. Samsung even has what it calls Intelligent Conversation Mode baked into these which take ambient sound mode a step further. It automatically turns off ANC, while also turning down the volume and enabling the ambient sound mode. This is specifically for enhancing the ability to hear others talk if you want to have a conversation.

Additionally, they offer enhanced 360-degree audio and a battery life of up to 8 hours of listening time. More with the charging case. You can grab this deal from the link below if it’s time to upgrade your mobile audio experience.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro – Best Buy