Get $100 off the amazing 'Cube' robot vacuum from Yeedi

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Yeedi by ECOVACS makes some really good robot vacuums and there’s currently a really good deal on the Yeedi Cube. With this deal you can save $100 on the vacuum which is a great price considering everything you get with it. Normally the vacuum would cost you $699.99 but Amazon is offering a coupon on it that takes $100 off that price. So you only end up paying $599.99 for it. The coupon can be claimed automatically too. So that $100 comes off the price of the vacuum right at checkout.

The Yeedi Cube is Yeedi’s latest robot vacuum to hit the market and comes with loads of features. For starters, it’s a combined vacuum and mop unit. Which means it’ll clean up dirt, dust, and debris and then scrub the floors with the oscillating mop pad. We loved the Cube during our review and it’s helped keep our floors clean on a much more consistent basis thanks to the convenience. Speaking of convenience, the carry handle on top make it easy to carry from room to room. This is especially great if you have a multi-floor home.

Need to take the Cube upstairs? No problem. Just pick it up by the carry handle. This is also a great feature for when using the spot cleaning. Another really great feature is the self-emptying dust bin and dirty water tank. Both of which are part of the omni station that also charges the vacuum up. After each cleaning sessions, the vacuum will go back to the omni station to charge. But before it does the omni station will empty the vacuum’s dust bin and dirty water tank. And with the app it’s super easy to set up a schedule to have the vacuum clean at set times. You can get this deal for yourself from the link below.

Yeedi Cube – Amazon