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Germany: Muslims screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ disrupt Easter service in church, take cellphone video of worshipers

Time for Merkel to convene a commission on “Islamophobia” to find out what got the poor dears’ feathers ruffled, and how many euros it is going to take to pacify them for awhile.

“Disturbance in Easter service,” translated from “Störer im Ostergottesdienst,” by Oliver Potengowski, Wetterauer Zeitung, April 12, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

Nidda (Saxony). Because of an incident in the run-up to the Easter service in the Nidda city church, state security is investigating three as yet unknown perpetrators. They were apparently drunk and insulted worshipers and shouted Islamic slogans. Although a police patrol arrived during the service, the perpetrators have not yet been identified.

Contrary to popular belief, Easter, rather than Christmas, is the most important festival in Christianity. The Easter services on early Sunday mornings are of paramount importance. For the second year in a row, it has been difficult for the congregations to celebrate this most important service of the year.

In Nidda, it was at least possible for a limited number of believers who had registered beforehand to experience the beginning of Easter morning together in the church. But while the preparations were still in progress, three young men apparently disturbed them so severely that the effects overshadowed the service and the hours that followed.

First, according to a press release from the parish, two confirmands who came to the church with their relatives noticed the three men who had come from the Schlossgasse and had settled down by the fountain. Shortly afterwards, they insulted another church attendee there.

Visitors filmed with cell phones

Apparently the young men became aware of the upcoming service through the incoming visitors and the illuminated church, as the congregation describes the ensuing events. Two of them had come into the church through the side entrance. They pointed their cell phones at the worshipers and apparently filmed them. They also had bottles that presumably had alcohol with them.

Pastor Hanne Allmansberger asked the young men to leave the church because they were not registered for the service, as Allmansberger explained to them, nor were they wearing a face mask. But instead of obeying the request, the troublemakers repeatedly shouted “There is only one God and that is Allah” and “Allah is the greatest.” They apparently continued to film what was happening.

Only when Pastor Allmansberger again energetically asked her to leave the church and meanwhile other visitors got up and went to the side entrance through which the young men had come in, did they leave the church again. They went away with the third young man who had been waiting at the door.

Perceived as threatening

Above all, the children and young people felt the situation as threatening, reports the parish. But adult participants in the service were also very shocked by the incident. “The Easter Vigil service was overshadowed by the events, the horror of the young men’s over-the-line, improper and threatening behavior persisted for some time among participants and congregants. Fortunately, the service itself, as well as the other Easter services, went on without incident.” But there were concerns that the troublemakers would come back later, perhaps also during the service that started at 6 o’clock. Therefore, a visitor informed the police, who also arrived during the celebration. The press office of the police in Central Hesse confirms the incident and that the state security has started investigations into disruption of the practice of religion. Witnesses are currently being heard.

Mayor Hans-Peter Seum stated that he had not yet been informed of the incident by either the police or the community. The Nidda police station confirmed the events to him on request. The Protestant parish emphasizes “that Christianity demands and lives tolerance towards other religions. This must also be expected from people who belong to another religious community.”

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