Gaza War: Ceasefire Will Amount To Nothing Without Complete End of Hostilities, Says Palestine Envoy To Nigeria 

The Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Shawesh has expressed dis-satification in the ongoing ceasefire in the fight between Israeli-Hamas, noting that it would amount to nothing if the hostilities were to be continued afterwards.

Shawesh said complete end to the war is what will bring satisfaction to the people of Palestine who are daily under siege.

The envoy, who on Wednesday in Abuja addressed the media on the current situation in Gaza Strip, said over 15,000 Palestinians were killed and about 40% of Palestinian homes totally levelled or have become inhabitable in the over one month bombardment of Gaza by the Israeli forces.

He said the Palestinians are completely not satisfied with the turn of event in Gaza, but are looking towards international community to put real pressure on Israeli to end the war for the ceasefire is but temporal.

He noted that: “There is a big difference between extending the ceasefire and finally putting an end to the open slaughtering of innocent citizens.

“The  ceasefire is just a six day process. We cannot talk about ceasefire as I mentioned as there are thousands of innocent people still under the rubbles and many of them still missing. With many still under the rubbles. Many families who had hope that their kids are alive only to discover that after one and half months that the kids are not only dead but their bodies have began to decomposed.”

He however admitted that Palestine has gain a lot of support since the attack on Gaza following an attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7.

Shawesh said, “Today you will find millions of support, Christians, Muslims, all over the world, in particular in the United States and the European countries.

“A lot of dissent voices were raised, many letters were written to the President, Senate and foreign Affairs minister. They were unconditional and unequivocal support and this is a change that is needed for “Palestine effect”.

The Ambassador who said he is a refugee in his country as a result of Israeli forceful takeover of their land, said he has learnt to put his emotions aside to push for the common good of his people.

Michael Olugbode in Abuja